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Why Companies Prefer Outsourcing with a PEO

HR Outsourcing FL

A PEO knows HR outsourcing. Get a Free Quote and Lower your company's HR Costs!

  • Compliance

    Instant compliance. From the point of inception a compliant and complete Human Resources department is created with


  • Cost Effective

    Economy of Scale and Aggregation of Services represent HQ optimum efficiency. This results in


    and a uniform HR package that fits your business model.

  • Access

    To HR managers and professional trained Best Practices and payroll personnel, on call legal advice, customized Employee Handbooks for each client company at


  • Shared Risk

    Mitigation of Unemployment Claims, Workers Compensation losses, Hiring and Termination compliance, compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department of the Interior (DOI), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EECO), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and Employers Practice Liability Insurance coverage (EPL) at


  • Benefits

    Become a benefactor of the power of a much larger organization to access


     on HR needs such as health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, indemnity insurance, life insurance and retirement options, curve outs for key personnel, 401Ks, safe harbor options, and employee assistance programs 24/7.

  • Technology

    Access, high end HR software for online payroll and payroll administration software combined with operational know how at


    . All technology is Internet enabled for fast and reliable Human Resource Service accessibility.

  • Flexibility

    Customize a program, pick and choose the HR services that are most compatible with your company's model. Every business has individualized Human Resource needs.

  • Look-See

    A comprehensive proposal and cost comparison at


      The PEO Outsourcing difference starts with a no obligation quote! Helping you get a cost effective outsourcing vendor is our specialty.


A PEO serves as an HR department, providing traditional human resources & administrative services at a lower cost for the business owner. Outsourcing to a PEO also provides benefits beyond cost savings. A PEO has access to specialized expertise on insurance, payroll, workers' compensation and more. Outsourcing your HR needs can enable you focus on your business and free up your time and resources.

PEO & Human Resources Outsourcing, A Smart Business Decision for cost effective HR Needs
Click today for a free comparative proposal.

PEO Quote Central is a Business Development Company specializing in PEO services such as small business outsourcing or large business outsourcing, hr outsourcing (human resources outsourcing), and employee leasing for businesses including but not limited to restaurants, convalescent homes, retirement homes, senior living homes, doctors offices, nursing, start ups, roofers, hospitality industy including hotels, white collar professionals as well as blue collar based in Jupiter Florida and operates throughout the continental United States of America including (but not limited to) Miami Beach Florida, Coconut Creek Florida, Coral Springs Florida, Davie Florida, Deerfield Beach Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Hollywood Florida, Margate Florida, Miramar Florida, Pembroke Pines Florida, Plantation Florida, Pompano Beach Florida, Sunrise Florida, Tamarac Florida, Weston Florida, Jupiter Inlet Colony Florida, West Palm Beach Gardens Florida, Riviera Beach Florida, Wellington Florida, Lake Worth Florida, Boynton Beach Florida, Delray Beach Florida, Boca Raton Florida

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